Water Damage and Insurance Claims

Not surprisingly, water damage is one of the most frequent causes of home insurance claims. Not many people like having to discover what is and what is not covered by their home insurance policy, but that is often the way that it goes.

Common Water Damage Insurance Claims

A pipe bursts in the basement or an appliance such as a clothes washer or dishwasher begins to leak all over the floor while you’re gone on vacation and all of a sudden you find yourself wondering if you have water damage coverage on your insurance policy.

For example, if a pipe were to burst in the home due to a drop in temperature and you had left the home vacant and without the heat necessary to keep the pipes from bursting, you might not be covered for water damage.

They could possibly deny you due to the fact that you did not take the necessary action that would have prevented the event.

If your bathtub overflows, you should be covered, even if it’s just because you were on the phone or tending to another matter in the house and simply forgot to turn off the water.

Does Insurance Cover Water Damaged Appliances?

In most cases if a major household appliance such as a washer or a dishwasher suddenly malfunctions and water spews all over the floor and causes damage, you are covered by your homeowner’s insurance.

You’ll have to pay for the cost of fixing the washing machine or dishwasher yourself, but any damage caused by the water itself should be paid for by your policy.

If the cause of the water damage  Los Angeles is heavy rain and the water leaks through the roof or floods into the basement and the house itself and items inside it are damaged, you should be covered for the cost of the water damage to the interior of your home.

The damage to the belongings inside your home is probably not covered, however; if the roof leak was caused by a tree limb falling on the house, then the damage to your furniture, roof, and interior should be covered to a reasonable extent.

One of the major causes of water damage to homes, however, is usually not covered. This is a flood. Unless you have an insurance policy that specifically identifies a flood as a source of damage to the home, you aren’t covered.

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Water Damage and Insurance

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