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Cleaning up

Nothing is more disheartening than coming home to evidence that a tagger or vandal has defaced or damaged your home. In addition to the actions of that individual or group being personally distasteful and emotionally vicious to you, the activity is illegal and should be reported to the authorities.

Once reported, you now need to respond to the vandalism or graffiti destroying the sanctity of your California or Colorado home. Allowing the evidence of these crimes to remain visible can be a magnet for other defacers, a silent and unwanted, by you, invitation to damage your property even further.

The damage also is harmful to you and your family’s peace of mind and sense of security. Cleaning up the scene, however, is full of challenges, and usually is not easy for the victims to complete. What is needed is a response from a company skilled and experienced in this type of remediation. Hiring a professional firm offers trained technicians, appropriate and effective products, and specialized equipment to rapidly transform an ugly and possibly smelly and dangerous scene at your Colorado or California residence back to the comfortable and cozy home your and your friends and family enjoyed prior to the crimes.

If the perpetrators used food or offensive looking and smelling agents to damage your home, hiring a team of workers familiar with deep cleaning and deodorization is vital. Carpeting, furniture, walls, and other building structure and fixtures respond well to steam cleaning and extraction techniques, especially when performed by operators trained to Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) standards. Deodorization technology has come a long way, and if cleaning and airborne sprays do not take of the problem, experts in this field use thermal fogging, hydroxyl generators, and, in extreme cases, ozone machines to neutralize odor carrying particles.

The paints or other substances used to deface your home inside or out need the aggressive use of targeted cleaners and sealers. In trained hands, these products safely loosen and remove the offensive wording or pictures. If removal is impractical, technicians cover the unwanted tagging with appropriate products that bring your home back to life.

Take the opportunity to hire a team of vandalism and graffiti mitigation experts if criminals try to ruin your residence. Find a company that works with your insurance or local loan or payment programs to make the transformation affordable.

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